Review BSCTrust Platform IDO (BinanceSmartChain)

Hi everyone, before I start, I want to introduce first, my name is Ratih999 .. this time I want to share a project that is very unique, great, has a positive reputation, is transparent, and is called BSCTrust. BSCTrust is a unique platform, multifunctional, transparent and very worthy to be invested in the long term. The BSCtrust platform provides a variety of feature services that are easy to access by anyone. so, to know more details about this project, then I directly discuss it below.

About BSCTrust?So, I can say that BSCTrust is a Decentralized IDO platform built using the BSC Blockchain or Binance Smart Chain. Apart from that, this platform has some unique features that are rarely shared by other platforms, especially with BSCTrust, you can get initial priority access to quality low-cap Gems + Free NFT to top Stakers. The BSCTrust Platform is run by a third party, so that anyone including you can access or use this Platform at your own risk. like an example: if you bet money on the BSCTrust platform then you can also get a real return on investment. The BSCTrust platform provides a variety of services that are environmentally friendly and easy to access by anyone involved in it. this platform is very multifunctional bro, so hurry up and join this great project

How does the BSCTrust system work?

As we all know, that In decentralized finance or cryptoqurrency industry space, Investors fall victim to tapestries or various types of scams, which makes it a daunting task in finding solid low-capacity gems to invest in early. Therefore, BSCTrust aims to solve this problem by providing guaranteed access to its holders to invest early in low-cap gems with high potential on the Binance Smart Chain network.

About Tokenomic BSCTrust

BSCTrust is a frictionless yield protocol that allows holders to collect rewards from every transaction that takes place in the ecosystem, also uniquely combines them with the Decentralized Launchpad system and more. and this is one of the uniqueness possessed by the BSCTrust Decentralized platform. because for anyone who is involved in it then automatically they are also entitled to additional BSCTrust prizes from their platform.

Total supply: 2 Million BSCTRUSTThe 3% fee is distributed to all holders on every transactionThe 3% fee when selling is permanently added to the liquidity pool

For buy : Smart Chain (Liquidity and Team TOken keys for BSC)NFT prizes

BSCTrust Partners With Bricksestate

BSCTRust Launchpad has partnered with Bricks Estate to aid in the execution of its token offering. Exact date and time of the offering will be announced in the near future.

About BricksEstateBricksEstate is a community blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estates and properties owning full or parts of these assets through fractional ownership and be part of the ever-growing real estate industry. .,BricksEstate aims to offer clients a verifiable record of property data that would allow the parties to complete a deal who generally don’t know each other and to trust that the seller actually has true ownership of that property through both the blockchain immutable ledger and utilisation of NFT ownership certificates.

These powerful tools will allow all parties involved in a domestic or international transfer of property to see without any question or doubt that there are not any claims against the title of that property outside of the current purchase. ,Having an undisputed history of record is incredibly important, and while this may be possible without this technology, using blockchain can help make the process more efficient and secure than processes currently in place today.
Roadmap BSCTrust

APRIL 24th ,2021FIRST LAUNCHPADRevealing Our First LaunchpadMay 7th, (Launched & Fully Audited)Liquidity and Team Token Key Platform for the Binance Smart ChainMay 14th, 20212nd LaunchPadRevealing our Second LaunchPad

May 29th, 2021 — comming soon

ConclusionBSCTrust is an IDO platform on the Binance Smart Chain. With BSCTrust, you get initial priority access to quality low cap Gems + Free NFT to top Stakers. So what are you waiting for? the opportunity is right in front of you and hurry up and be part of this great project.

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