Any entrepreneur who is fascinated with cryptocurrencies will definitely need an exchange to trade them and increase profits. As cryptocurrencies have gained huge traction over the years and have become mainstream in this era of digitally thriving businesses, thousands of crypto users appear every day. As a result, thousands of new exchanges were created. The two main types of crypto exchanges are centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Centralized exchanges are the most widely used exchanges among investors worldwide. However, this exchange has faced ongoing challenges over the years, such as hacking threats, theft of funds, and other fraud issues. This has led to the increasing popularity of decentralized exchanges (DEX), and investors tend to gravitate more towards them than centralized exchanges because of the multiple advantages involved.

If you are looking to start a business with your own cryptocurrency exchange, a decentralized exchange is the ideal solution to ongoing trends. It is very important for you to understand all about decentralized exchange software, to make a decision.

This blog will help you with that. Let’s start from the introduction of BiryaniSwap

What is BiryaniSwap?

Biryani Swap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Binance Smart Chain #BSC with Yield Farming and Raita Pools, spin feature that let you earn and win tokens.

Daily Spin — Earn free token by Lucky Spin up to worth of $10, $50, $100, $500, $1000, first attempt is free and you can buy for next try.

Why biryaniSwap ?

As all farming dex are increasing their supply and burning less here we are unique than other like never mint single “Biryani” token more than 100k , another advantage of using or farming in biryaniswap is they will get total 2 kind of tokens, one is our main dex token and another is Raita as bonus, it’s free to sell anytime, but 50% of Biryani token will be locked for 1 Year.


Name : SafeHOME

Symbol : HOME

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000

Contract : 0x41eb473befc78af14a7c1fa75af3084566308989

safeHOME is tokonomic automatics yield farm generator , by setting 10–12 slippage tax to avoid dump, also to allowed earn more tokens to the holders, and all $COLA holder will able to receive 1billion safeHOME token each, and also you can able to farm safehome with COLA to earn more tokens in


how to buy COLA ?

You can buy COLA from pancakeswap using this link

BIRYANISWAP $COLA Token- Future airdrop !

What is $COLA Token ?

COLA is supportive and first farming token in Biryaniswap farm, made in BSC, holders of cola token will get huge 400 $RAITA token as bonus.

How much $COLA need to hold to claim 400 RAITA ?

Minimum 10 COLA to hold until claim start in may 2nd week of 2021.

What is maximum Supply of COLA ?

only 100000 (100k) $COLA

Holding COLA will give you multiple benifits, will able to claim SafeHome airdrop, Raita airdrop, biryaniswap farming airdrop, and high apr staking with biryaniswap pools.

BUY $COLA Token , 10000% APR farming awaiting for you in #Biryaniswap

Token Info

Name: COLA

Symbol : COLA

Max supply : 100000

Decimals :18

Contract: 0xdec997e085b72f6246c1e6819632b91bbb4d9ebe

Presale Price: $0.25

Current price : $1:25

How to buy COLA?


Biryani swap is a revolutionary tool within the cryptocurrency industry. It proffers users an opportunity to not only generate income through active participation but also learning new ways of deploying their funds and passively making more profits without hassles

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