ATTN is a digital ecological platform of eSports based on blockchain technology

What is ATTN?
Founded in 2016, the ATTN alliance community is Southeast Asia’s largest esports industry eco-organization known and recognized, with a global gaming population of more than 25 million and is a digital support ecosystem based on blockchain technology and the ultimate system in the eSports industry.

What is eSports?
ESports (eSports) is a type of sport that reaches the level of “competition” in video games. ESports is an intellectual competition between people using electronic devices. Through competition, participants can train and improve their thinking, reaction, mind, eye-limb coordination skills, as well as cultivating teamwork. ESports is also a profession, similar to non-arcade games like chess. Meanwhile, countries have listed eSports as an official sports competition.

Esports otherwise called electronic games, e-sports, or eSports is a type of game rivalry utilizing computer games. Esports frequently appears as composed, multiplayer computer game rivalries, especially between proficient players, independently or as groups. Albeit sorted out rivalries have for quite some time been a piece of computer game culture, these were to a great extent between beginners until the late 2000s, when cooperation by proficient gamers and spectatorship in these occasions through live gushing saw a huge flood in fame. By the 2010s, esports was a critical factor in the computer game industry, with many game engineers effectively structuring and giving subsidizing to competitions and different occasions.

ATTN is an advanced natural foundation of eSports dependent on blockchain innovation. It has numerous mainstream PVP games structured autonomously. In view of this, it avoids the virus start, conveys a huge number of dynamic clients and YY voice to the chain. Established in 2016, the ATTN coalition is the biggest eSports eco-industry partnership in Southeast Asia, with a worldwide game player base of in excess of 25 million.

As far as blockchain game task advancement, ATTN endeavors to separate the hindrances between blockchain games and customary games, taking the best from conventional games and consolidating them into the structure of blockchain games to make increasingly particular and playable globalized chain games. It will contain the points of interest including rich ongoing interaction of customary games, improved frameworks, lower client experience limits and snappy blockchain games spread. Simultaneously, depending on its rich customary asset focal points, ATTN will carry all the more new blood to the chain ecosystem.

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IOST authoritatively made a vital interest in ATTN, the world’s first advanced natural stage for eSports games, and will hold hands with ATTN to investigate the utilization of blockchain innovation in the field of eSports, building up the chain game ecosystem together to make great games on chain. The ATTN TOKEN is the exclusively credible TOKEN in the ATTN ecosystem intended to address the antagonistic impacts of an incorporated stage. In addition, ATTN will be applied for the trading everything being equal and applications over the whole environment.

As one of the four significant open chains, IOST appends incredible significance to chain game turn of events. Unique in relation to other open chains, IOST plans to work with quality groups to assemble all the more really playable and quality chains, and to give them the best specialized, showcasing, and advertising support just as a full scope of expert help in media, network, and DApp tasks.

As the fundamental innovation foundation in the chain, IOST utilizes a quick iterative methodology more qualified to the rationale of the game JavaScript language, and adaptable information stockpiling and cooperation through JSON. What’s more, IOST’s engineer documentation and designer apparatuses are additionally exceptionally complete. Contrasted with conventional standard open chains, which can’t transfer complex rationale, IOST is all the more amicable to game designers.

The genuine execution of the blockchain venture is the strategic key of the ATTN group in 2020. ATTN has the upside of hindrance level in three measurements: connecting the genuine financial incentive with venture execution, advancing the ubiquity of the undertaking to build the traffic, and growing the ecosystem impact.

ATTN is focused on building a main environment of eSports stages. We would like to break the current benefit dissemination model of customary concentrated eSports games dependent on blockchain innovation. Through imaginative eSports, token motivator, amusement experience of games and the interest of a huge number of clients, we manufacture a helpful ATTN stage covering the worldwide game eSports diversion resources. The first diversion esteem made by every client is come back to them. In the end, ATTN will fabricate the world’s most broadly utilized eSports.

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ATTN TOKEN is the only authenticated TOKEN on the ATTN-accepted system, designed to address the adverse effects of a centralized platform of Blockchain. Moreover, ATTN will be applied to exchange all services and applications across the entire ecosystem and many utilities supported by the project have been and are developing.

ATTN Ecology incorporates eight business parts, comprising of PVP game stage, society stage, live communicate stage, against fixation stage, dispersion stage, believed game advanced resource exchanging stage, ATTN Mall, measurement pocket. Players can get phenomenal game/diversion experience and ATTN token through PVP game stage, organization stage, live communicate stage and ATTN Mall. Additionally they can understand the buy and offer of game props (resources, IP) and trade legitimate money liquidity through believed game computerized resource exchanging stage and measurement pocket. Game CP can import client traffic through the standard access interface gave by the circulation stage to offer game types of assistance for worldwide players.

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