Blockchain technology based travel and social media platform

Talk traveling, picnicking or sightseeing, surely about a pleasant trip. Picnic or tourism is an activity carried out by a person or group of people by visiting a certain place for recreational purposes, getting happiness, discovering and learning the uniqueness of tourist attraction for a while.

Nowadays traveling cannot be separated from the activities of communicating and playing “social media” or social media. Technology makes streets no longer the same as before. According to a 2013 Global Travel Intentions Study survey about 93% of Indonesians were connected to the internet while on vacation and 76% of tourists vacationed with their smartphones. While 40% of them do status updates on social media and 31% share experiences through text messages. Globally 65% ​​of travelers consider smartphones to be the most important gadget to carry when traveling,

Another study conducted by Tripbarometer on behalf of Tripadvisor found that 45% of travelers use smartphones to book trips, 64% to read reviews and 67% look for references of activities that can be done during a tour.

The way people travel or travel has now changed with the development of the internet. Like it or not, people are demanded to be technology literate, so they don’t need to visit a travel agent to prepare their travel needs. Through the internet, tourists can arrange vacation plans such as flight ticket reservations, hotels, car rentals and attraction tickets. Because it is important for you to create relevant marketing strategies to support the business of travel and travel.

Through the internet you can also get the best price options. In searching for information or reviews of certain tourist attractions, you will be greatly facilitated with a variety of content that can be accessed via the internet. So it can be said that, travelers in the Millennium era are very easy to get more information than ever before.

In this rapidly developing technological era, many transaction systems have changed. Where in the past many passengers who want to book airplane tickets must go through certain travel agents. But now, technological developments have brought Android applications that provide services for flight ticket reservations, lodging and much more. However, this application only contains limited information and provides a relatively low cost, although many other applications offer lower prices than the application. In addition, some applications also provide time limits for making transactions, so that many users who want to order tickets suddenly at certain times, fail to place an order.

With the development of increasingly sophisticated technology today, was born the Blockchain technology platforms such as SiriusX. Where the platform is a platform that provides booking services for planes, buses, trains, accommodation and provides tickets for certain events around the world. In addition, the Platform also provides social media services to users, which is done so that users get references, experience and information needed from other parties. Of course, these two things will be interconnected with each other, where users can order any ticket and get information directly from various parties using only the application and can be used simultaneously.

Social media sites that are used by users through this platform also have similarities with social media sites in general, where users can share profiles, pictures, experiences, and other important moments, on social media sites. Not only that, users will also get SiriusX tokens as a gift from the platform, if the experience he shares through social media is used as a reference for other users.

For users who want to get SiriusX tokens, users can do several things, like this. Where users will get tokens through the prize system, where users will get SRX tokens if the shared experience becomes the most popular and much referenced by other users. Then users can also rent out their properties via SiriusX. In addition, users will also get a free token by following the event contested by the platform, such as Bounty, Airdrop, and others. Where users will get a free token based on the requirements set by the platform.

Previously, the SiriusX platform also conducted a Bounty, which would be done by bounty by requiring users to carry out various forms of promotions related to the SiriusX platform through the user’s social media. Where the platform has also determined the percentage of tokens that will be obtained for each social media promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Youtube and SiriusX Network will get a token percentage of 10%. Then for users who promote through the Blog site, they will get a bonus of 20%. Furthermore, 30% will be given to users who do promotions through Create Video.

Not only that, SiriusX will also pre-sell from 1 to 31 December 2019, where 5 million SRX will be sold in sales. Where the platform has set minimum and maximum purchase amounts starting from 0.05 ETH and 150 ETH with a total market capitalization of US $ 250,000. In addition, this platform will also conduct an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with a total sales of 82 million SiriusX tokens to the public. Where the ICO will be held from 8 January to 11 May 2020 with different bonuses, such as token purchases made from 8 January to 8 February will get a 50% discount with a unit price of a token of $ 0.075. Furthermore, for users who make purchases from 9 February to 9 March 2019, they will get a 40% discount at a price per unit of token valued at $ 0.09. Then users who purchase tokens from March 10 through April 10 will get a 20% discount with a token unit price of $ 0.12.

To build a platform based on Blockchain technology, of course the founders will think of many things about the technology that will be used. Where the technology will be examined in depth so that it can be used to meet some community needs. Therefore, the success of a platform cannot be separated from quality human resources.

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