Decentralized Global Black Ecosystem

In today’s economy new ideas represent substance for economic growth. Our global economy has become more accessible because of the information age. The need to have more secure business transactions has become more of a challenge, as a result.

It is evident in today’s business world that our financial information is dangerously vulnerable to hacking and theft. This generally leaves consumers afraid to transact business using third party systems. As information technology becomes increasingly sophisticated so does the ability to improve the way financial transactions are conducted.

The word “cryptocurrency” represents the ability to move currency (or a measure of value) in such a way that is faster, verified, and without interference. As we embrace this new technology, we want to also have the accessibility worldwide to circulate value within the Black community.

Our community now faces challenges with the access of capital in many forms. Furthermore, the present economy seems to continuously reduce or eliminate systems that were specifically put into place to support and uplift the black community.

Our new digital ecosystem will provide an avenue to support communities that are being neglected by failed current programs. We are SABLEASSENT, the world’s Global Digital Ecosystem that Empowers the Black Economy.


Sable Assent is a decentralized global black ecosystem with resources for consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our intention is to rebuild the world’s Black Economy to create global prosperity.  


Our platform starts with our SAC wallet which will have resources for consumers, businesses and non-profit organizations. The wallet will include a business and non- profit directory, contacts and a place to maintain and store Sable Coins.

Upon opening a wallet, all users will receive a wallet address and access to global contacts. Our non-profits will be contacted to receive a wallet and gifts in Sable Coins.

When participating in the online platform as a 51% black owned business, those users will receive their own personal listing within our global network database. Larger corporations can choose to use Sable Coins for globalbusiness marketing and many other tasks to be carried out by our Assent team.

Our most important feature is our multi-purpose verification security system which starts with the following:

  • Picture ID verification or passport for KYC compliance.
  • A welcome interview and overview thatverifies the applications
  • Text message verification
  • Mobile application with participating devices
  • Two-part email verification

Another important feature of our platform is our commitment to creating stronger global communities. The Assent team opportunity is provided to users who want to earn Sable Coins.

They will receive compensation by Sableassent and by partnerships on the Assent team app. We will also partner with strategic industries in black communities and countries to assist with global reach

Sable Coin

The signature cryptocurrency adopted by Sable Assent is the Sable Coin ( SAC 1 ). (SAC 1) is designed to circulate in an ecosystem of black consumers, businesses and non-profits. Sable Assent’s mission is to create cross border transactions in a Global Black Economy by implementing our systems to create currency circulation of our Sable Coin. 

The Sable Coin provides a medium of exchange for the products and services of Black Business owners around the world. Owners of Sable Coin can donate to their favorite non-profit in their SAC 1 Wallet.  

We also actively engage with black communities and villages throughout the world that are seeking economic stability and could take pride in a currency that they can call their own

SAC Wallet

This application will be available on android and IoS devices and will allow for the Sable Coin to be purchased, traded peer to peer for products and services. You can also donate Sable Coin to your local or favorite non-profit listed the app. This provides residual resources to non-profits and allows consumers to exchange and transact.

A consumer, business or non-profit can refer friends and family and receive Sable Coins as a reward. 

The application has a list of features. Anyone can download the wallet. To maintain the structure of the ecosystem, 51% verified Black owned businesses can be accepted to the platform.

Our goal is to create a global ecosystem of consumers, black owned businesses and non-profits to build a new digital economy. 

Down load your wallet today and start transacting with “(SAC 1).” 

The Need For A Global Black Currency: 

  1. Black Americans spend 1.4 Trillion dollars and those funds circulate among Black businesses less than 6 hours. 
  2. Black countries around the globe are looking for ways to stabilize their economy. 
  3. A Global Black Currency can create an equal or higher exchange rate value for Black countries with devalued currencies. 
  4. The global Black community is searching for financial empowerment because of poverty, incarceration, unemployment.

The Goal

  • Give global consumers access to a global network of51% black owned businesses and non-profit organizations.
  • Connect with non-profits to create business relationships and/or partnerships that would maintaina ongoing digital economy.
  • Provide an easy and safe way for consumers to engage in transactions globally with Sable Coins in a trusted, secure and decentralized global black business ecosystem.
  • Provide a digital or physical Pre-Paid Debit Card forSable Coins to provide liquidity Worldwide.
  • Provide a user-friendly application for smart phones, tablets, and personal computers to conduct peer topeer transactions using NFC technology.
  • Create interactive trading platforms to enable our customers to trade for other global cryptocurrencieswith Sable Coins
  • Facilitate ongoing Sable Coin donations to ournon-profits equal to 2% of SABLEASSENT Corporate profits.
  • Sable Coins give access to Tech education and to a unemployed population providing Gig opportunitiesto work from anywhere.
  • Use the Sable Coins to buy goods and services from our ecosystem and from the black communities andcountries.
  • Create blockchain applications for all industries to solve problems.
  • Build a Global Digital Ecosystem to connect the entire African Diaspora to eliminate poverty


Bitcointalk username: Rafaandika

Bitcointalk profile:;u=2622071;sa=summary

Eth address: 


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