The Cowrium Platform Blockchain Project With Best Feature

The Cowrium Platform


Today i will present a new of project with high performance and feature guys there offering a good consept and unique of program and combinate with blockchain tech and a good system that will impact in a quality of the ecosystem on the platform and now lets to present Cowrium

What is Cowrium Platform

Cowrium platform is the new of project there offering a good consept and do you know guys this is a blockchain project and Cowrium is help all small and medium enterprise wow that a good consept and do you know with blockchain technology make this platform as well in controling the activity and interaction on the platform. Cowrium is a better solution for growth the controling conduct business though the SME industry so this is make comfortable to all client become on Cowrium Platform .

Cowrium platfrom they have a coin the name is Cowrie coin and this coins is official cryptocurrency on cowrium platform and is can effective on the platform to controling the all interaction in the platform with high tech blockchain technology .

Do you want to know Cowrium use 2 HOP network to controling the miner identify block and record transactions so this is make all user on the platform as well and comfortable. and the security transaction is very well .

And do you know on Cowrium we can mining with Mobile Mining as a support system for CPU and GPU miners . and all mining system all protect . and transparency.

All Feature completed guys see on Cowrium they offering Masternodes, The Cowrium POS Masternodes lets to know in there providees to the network instant and secure control payment is very well . all holder CWR get earn fixed reward in staking . and this is very comfortable .

Feature of Cowrium Platform

Feature Describe
MultiCurrency Payment System Cowrium is multi payment system , and enable merchant and consumer make transaction on mobile or apps
Smart Contract have smart contract to make controling the interaction transaction
Multicurrency ICO Platform Accept payment in Cryptocurrency
Use high technology With blockchain technology as well in ecosystem on the platform
High security system Cowrium very well controling the interaction and transaction
PrivateSend Great technology mix your funds through the masternode network
Intelligent Polling System they effectively for solve the overload issue of traditional blockchain in interaction transactions
Support Multiple Cryptographic Algorithm they can protection quantum attacks
Atomic Swap Is enable all user of Cowrium wallet allows exchange between diffent cryptocurrencies , coin without a third party wow sound interested
Scheduled Payment this is a great feaure because make all user enable to scedule payment via their wallet
Cowrium have a referal reward program earn more by referring all friend join on platform
Loyalty Program the platform is give a good feedback to all user reward in the form of Mined CWR coins wow thats comfortable to all user

Lets you know guys Cowrium Platform will make interconnected and related apps , we can follow

  • CowDex Decentralized exchange high secure cryptocurrency exchange , Atomic swap and easy to trading .
    *ErrandBoy , we can transfer crypto to Fiat Direct Transfer to all friend in the world
  • Cowrie Stability AI , thiS Platform High Tech in Protect the account user and balance and interaconnected program that predict in the market .


Do you want to join The Cowrium Masternode guys :

Staking system of Cowrium blockchain is can make enable CWR holder to earn fixed , and get income yearly in the form reward so this is make all holder comfortable. and maintain is very well . and we can in web or mobile for staking CWR .

Lets to follow the step by step .

  1. You need have amount 10,000 CWR
  2. So they can make collateral active a masternode
  3. For reward will proportional to the collateral up to 100,000 CWR more detail can see here

Detail of TokenSale :

  • Tokensale running from Jan 01 , 2020 (00:01 AM UCT )
  • Tokensale end May 30 , 2020 ( 11:59 PM UCT )

Token for sale is 1,000,000,000 CWRX
Price of token : 1 CWR : 0.075$
Accept : BTC , ETH , LTC , USD ,NGN

Distribution of token :


Detail of Team

  • Emmanuel Haastrup , Founder ,Chief Conductor
  • Praveen Dagdi , Product Manager
  • Deepanshu Bhatt , Chief Marketing Officer
  • Shobhit Sharma , Lead Blockchain Development
  • Priyanka Chouhan , Lead Business Development
  • Aanuoluwapo Awesome , Lead Community Development
  • Kshama Verma , Lead Backend Devs , API , NODEs
  • Pedetin A . Obadimeji , Lead Legal

Advisor :

  • Chloe Khok , Process & Training
  • Oluyinka Tanimowo , Technology
  • Bado Faisal , Business Development
  • Marina Sokolova , Business Development


Official Link of Cowrium :

🔗 Website :
🔗 Whitepaper :
🔗 Bitcointalk :
🔗 Telegram :
🔗 Twitter :
🔗 Facebook :
🔗 Medium :
🔗 Youtobe :

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