WHY IS INTEGRATION BETWEEN BUSINESS PROCESS AND BLOCKCHAIN SO IMPORTANT?By moving data from the database to the blockchain, the data is no longer subject to change and manipulation. This solves the problem of trust within a business process or organization. For example, if the grades of the passed college exams were saved on the blockchain, these grades could no longer be manipulated. Supply chain example: if packing and shipping data is stored on a blockchain, the end customer knows when that product is packed and how it is transported.
WHICH PROBLEM PROMETHEUS WANTS TO SOLVE?Prometheus wants to contribute to the implementation of blockchain technology. Building blockchain is expensive and demanding for companies looking to integrate their business with blockchain. Prometheus wants to create a platform that will allow any company to efficiently and conveniently transfer the part of its business to the blockchain and thus to improve its business operations and increase its competitiveness.
ICO AND THE USAGE OF THE PROMETHEUS TOKEN (PRO) ICO will allow us to raise funds to build the Prometheus platform as soon as possible. However, we at Prometheus organization have so much faith in our product and its advanced application that we are already starting to build a platform based on MVP. The Prometheus token (PRO) will be a utility token and will be used as the primary payment method on the Prometheus platform.
PROTECTION OF THE ICO PARTICIPANTS Prometheus is absolutely transparent about the development of the future platform. With our product and our organizational capabilities, we are confident in the successful execution of the project. Because of this reason, we offer ICO participants absolute protection, something not yet seen in the ICO world: If the soft cap of $530,000 is not passed, which is required to develop a future platform and successful business model after the ICO is completed, Ethereum will be automatically returned via a smart contract. After passing the soft cap (hard cap is $11,000,000) Prometheus will propose several independent experts with authority in software development who will check that the development of the platform is in accordance with the roadmap. All ICO participants will vote for their favorite, while buyers of over $ 1,000 will be able to nominate their expert. If an expert determines that the development of the Prometheus platform is not going according to the roadmap in the forecasted period, all purchasers will be refunded the invested amount deducted by the proportional amount of $530,000 
Prometheus token sale• Token name: Prometheus • Token ticker: PRO• Total supply: 200,000,000• Circulating supply: 140,000,000• Decimals: 18• Platform: Ethereum, ERC20• ICO date: 1st December 2019 – 1st March 2020• ICO price: 1 PRO = 0.1 USD• Soft cap: 530,000 USD• Hard cap: 11,000,000 USD
Token distribution• ICO sale: 110,000,000 (55%)• Developers: 40,000,000 (20%)• Marketing: 20,000,000 (10%)• Partners: 20,000,000 (10%)• Airdrop & Bounty: 10,000,000 (5%) 
ROADMAPQ1 2020: • Ethereum and Bitcoin Adapter • User management, roles and subscriptionQ2 2020: • Stellar and Cardano Adapter • Configuration database and management appli- cationQ3 2020: • Cardano and Neo Adapter • Scheduling engineQ4 2020: • Open API for other crypto databases • Usage calculation and payment
OUR TEAM Srđan Vukmirović – CEO Ante Medic – Business Developer Mile Kordić – CTO Milana Denda – Developer Nemanja Simikić – Developer


Bitcointalk username: Rafaandika

Bitcointalk profile:;u=2622071;sa=summary

Eth address: 0x19C8eB6d14C17E2918aF2D0Bf03F649F05606598

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