In March 2014, 40-year-old Hollywood veteran Darlene Lieblich Tipton was Vice President at Fox Cable Networks in Los Angeles. During this time, Darlene and several other people attended a private meeting to discuss the contents of a Chinese thumb drive. The drive contained detailed information and images, video recordings, and text files that were previously not seen, taken after the disappearance of Malaysia Flight # 370.
Darlene is prohibited from making photos, videos and text files public by a very nasty multi-million dollar NDA. However, he can keep a copy of the thumb drive even though Fox tried hard to get it. The thumb drive content shows a direct connection between the missing funds from the 1MDB Malaysia multi-billion dollar program, financial and material gifts for corrupt friends, allies, and relatives of the former Malaysian Prime Minister covering thousands of transplants carried out by China using organs that taken. without anesthesia from innocent conscience prisoners such as Falun Gong, Uighur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, Christians, and LGBTQ.
Darlene insisted that the information and recordings would be released to the public as soon as possible, although there was great pressure to maintain the confidentiality of the information so as not to jeopardize business relations and financing options for films with China. This was not acceptable to Darlene.
He decided to create a YouTube Channel and upload all videos from a Chinese thumb drive. A few hours before the planned upload to YouTube and only less than 25 years on Fox, Darlene was fired. Darlene was rudely escorted out of Fox’s land by security officers who also followed his house to confiscate his home computer. After consulting with his personal lawyer, Darlene did not allow access to his home by Fox security.
When the news that Darlene was fired, Fox said that the reason was because he sent a personal email through Fox’s server. While policies at Fox say that using Fox’s e-mail server for personal e-mail MAY be an extinguishing violation, many on Fox have used their company accounts to send personal e-mails, although some, if any, have even been reprimanded for doing so. Darlene was the first person to be fired without first receiving a reprimand for sending a personal email through the Fox system.
It’s true that Darlene did send a personal email, and that was for a good reason. Darlene had seen the CNN interview conducted by Anderson Cooper with the girlfriend of one of the passengers of Flight Malaysia # 370. The interview broke Darlene’s heart and she wondered if she would be compensated by the airline or insurance company due to the fact that she was NOT married to a passenger. Darlene contacted the woman using her Fox e-mail so she would know that Darlene was not an internet troll, and that Darlene could easily be verified by Google as an entertainment industry veteran, award-winning film producer, and also as a dangerous 5-time Champion.
Darlene asked in her e-mail that IF the woman was not compensated, would she consider allowing Darlene to project a crowd fund for her on the condition that if the woman accepted the donation, she would not plunge twice later and sue the airline or insurance company. But before Darlene received an answer – he was fired.
Darlene sued Fox Cable Networks for a wrong termination. Under the General Settlement and Release Agreement with Fox Cable Networks, all Darlene can say, with a very big smile, is that: “My dispute with Fox has been resolved”.
Darlene now produces the independent feature film MALAYSIA 370 through crowd funding, starting with $ 500K from its personal 401K.
MALAYSIA 370 revealed the terrible persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government and how it was closely related to the missing plane. Falun Gong is a Chinese spiritual practice that combines meditation and slow practice with a moral philosophy that is centered on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.
Falun Gong has been praised and supported by the Chinese government to grow to more than 100 million practitioners in China and tens of millions of others worldwide. Threatened only by the many practitioners, the government banned everything related to Falun Gong.
In China, millions of conscientious Falun Gong prisoners have been arrested and sentenced in forced labor camps, where tens of thousands of people have experienced the removal of their savage and barbaric organs while they are completely awake without anesthesia. Their organs are then transplanted into waiting patients, usually members of the Chinese Communist Party and foreigners, who have paid high fees. More than 1,000 transplants were carried out for Malaysian government officials, their friends and their families. Paid fees from billions were stolen from Malaysia’s 1MDB Program. This beneficial “On Demand” organ transplant program has been condemned by many people around the world. However, little publicity has been generated for fear of endangering economic relations with China.
The MALAYSIA 370 feature film project is limited by a legal agreement to be produced for three years. MALAYSIA 370 is not a documentary and has been submitted to film development executives in Los Angeles and New York. While they found the story truly fascinating, they all graduated for the same reason: they did not want to jeopardize their access to film financing from China because the Chinese government did not want information about their harassment and the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners to be published.
CROWD-FUNDING: Darlene asks for your support by only downloading movie theme songs, which are available in several different languages; streaming previous award-winning films; contribute; or buy Malaysia 370 / Falun Gong Commemorative Coins. Go to the Crowd Funding Page
MH370 ICO: If you prefer to help fund the crowd of this project by investing in MH370 ICO (Initial Coin Offer) Click Here
The funds collected will be used for the production of the film. The results of the film will be used to build a memorial park in Kuala Lumpur in honor of 239 Malaysian Flight # 370 passengers and crew. Funds will also be donated to volunteer groups that provide legal services for people who are unfairly persecuted and detained in China. and helping to penetrate China’s Internet firewall to enable everyone in China to access free and uncensored information.

FOR RECORD: Both Darlene and her husband are not Falun Gong practitioners. They have no affiliation with Falun Gong, and they know nothing about Falun Gong before witnessing the extraordinary information and video footage behind the film.
As in the last award-winning film on censorship and abuse of power, Darlene was very passionate about making films based on true stories and exposing injustices to education through entertainment.
June 2019ICO Opened
January 2020Funding is still in progress but unless Hard Cap has been found
February 2020Main Production Crew Hired
March 2020Casting and Scouting Location Begins
June 2020First and Second Unit Film Filming Begins
September 2020Films enter Post Production
2021Films Submitted to the Best Film Festival for Distribution

Sales Tokens:
Name of token: Malaysia370Ticker symbol: MH370Pre-ICO Starting Price: $ 0.08Total Supply: 2.5 Billion TokensDecimal: 8Minimum Purchase: $ 50
Budget allocation:
Total supply of tokens – 2.5 Billion Tokens  70% is distributed during the ICO  5% AirDrop and Bounty Program  20% Long Term Foundation Budget  5% Legal Fee
A-List Talents such as Director Martin Scorsese along with famous actor Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Lady Gaga, and others have been banned from China because they dare to criticize the horrendous violations of Chinese human rights. Their representatives learned about this project and all said that their clients wanted to accept a firm offer before attaching it to the project.
Brad PittMartin ScorseseHarrison FordsSharon StoneRichard GereLady Gaga
For more information, please follow the link below:
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